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During the 1970's, the DAPL board members looked for new venues to host the monthly meetings due to the Melrose Hotel current state of a major renovation and oil companies finding office space outside the downtown corridor to be more lucrative.  Various locations played host to DAPL monthly meetings, such as the Campbell Center, which is recognizable by the two gold towers on North Central Expressway, the "old" Glen Lakes Country Club, located on Walnut Hill and 75, the Engineers Club of Dallas, and the North Park Inn, located at the Northeast corner of Park Lane and 75.  The location of the monthly meetings continued to fluctuate well into the 1980's until the Petroleum Club at its current location opened its doors in 1987.

The industry soared into the 1980's and landmen were flying high. Enrollment in the PLM programs at OU, UT, and Houston reached its pinnacle point.  Unfortunately, this high was short-lived as "the oil bust of the 1980's" had a crippling effect on the industry, and consequently impacting membership of the DAPL and surrounding landmen associations. Membership numbers depleted so drastically that the association shrunk to a membership level not seen since the late 60's.  However, the DAPL went on to recover in the 1990's. 

The new millennium sparked new interests when a company called Mitchell Energy based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area began gaining attention with amazing results from the well-known but previously downplayed Barnett Shale in North Texas. By 2003, the shale gas boom in North Texas had taken hold with almost every company in the nation wanting to get a piece of the action.  The shale gas boom promoted a new surplus of jobs, and consequently, the DAPL has enjoyed some of its most fruitful years yet.  And so now, stronger than ever, the DAPL continues to foster new relationships among local landmen and promote advancement among the Landman's profession.

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