The History of DAPL - Page 3

In the fall of 1962, Dallas was named the site of the 1964 annual AAPL convention. With over 1200 people expected to attend, the event was quite a monumental moment for the DAPL.  Luckily for the men of the DAPL, the organization that was started by Gwyn Beavers just a year earlier played a substantial role in organizing the event. The AAPL convention turned out to be a big success for the DAPL, as well as Dallas, and subsequently the DAPL has had the opportunity to host the AAPL convention three more times. The following year, Jim Beavers held the honor of becoming the first DAPL member to become president of AAPL.

As the DAPL welcomed an upsurge of growth throughout the 1960's, some members ventured into working part-time as representatives for Lamar Hunt and the newly formed Dallas Texans (later to be moved to Kansas City and renamed the Kansas City Chiefs).  Sources say that some of the landmen with Hunt Oil Company were asked to recruit and sign the best college football players around the area which included SMU and TCU.

By 1970, the United States workforce was experiencing a significant socio-demographic transition as women began playing a more prodominant role throughout the work environment. Women were entering the workforce in increasing numbers and this shift was evident in the petroleum industry as well.  Women were not just among the support staff in the Land Department anymore, some were full-fledged Landmen at this time.  In 1971, Tom DeWees, the DAPL president and board faced a major decision of whether to let women into the association.  The DAPL had previously only allowed membership to be available to men, but the valuable presence of women within the industry was becoming quite clear.  Hence, Mr. DeWees and the board collaborately decided to open membership to both women and men, and proudly inducted the first woman into the association, Susan Collins.  Mrs. Collins went on to become the first woman elected to the board as Treasurer in 1976.  And in 1995, Ann McConnville was elected President of the DAPL, the first woman to hold the prestigious title.

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