The History of DAPL - Page 2

In the early years of the association, the terms of the elected board members ran the calendar year and elections were held during the late fall. In 1955, the AAPL was formed with many Dallas landmen playing a pivotal role in its formation. In fact, John W. Story of Sun Oil Co. in Dallas was acknowledged as a Charter Member years later. By the late 1950's, educational programs within the profession became an emerging focus among landmen.  This growing interest helped lead to the establishment of the first PLM program at the University of Oklahoma. However, at the time there was still no educational program aimed directly to landmen who were already in the profession. That all changed in 1959 with the establishment of "The Institute for Petroleum Landmen," by the Southwestern Legal Foundation that was held here in Dallas from 1959 to 2001 attracting landmen from all around the country to attend. This association co-sponsored the event between 1959- 1960 and then again during the period of 1973- 2001.

On May 29 1961, a valued tradition of annual golf tournaments was founded by landmen in Dallas.  The first golf tournament was hosted by the association and was played at the DAC Country Club.  It proved to be such a successful event that the association went on to hold two golf tournaments in both the fall and spring.  By the time the first golf tournament was held, the association had grown from having 30 attendees at the first meeting to averaging well over 80 landmen at every meeting and the association had also modified its former title to the current name of the Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen. 

During this period of significant growth, the wives of the landmen came together to establish their own organization, called The Dallas Petroleum Landmen's Wives Association, and held their first meeting at the Brookhaven Country Club. The organization was developed and founded by Gwyn Beavers, who was the wife of Jim Beavers Jr.  The DPLW association was officially formed after Gwyn Beavers sent out letters to the wives of the DAPL members on January 20, 1961 and received 47 votes in favor, 25 votes no of those responding.

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